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Ten Reasons to Buy an Electric Car

1. Stick’em up gas prices. This is the big one, the one that may actually make it happen. While the price of a barrel of oil hits records, gas prices move forward to new levels as well and the sticker shock at the pump may drive those who have to drive a long way to work finally move to the EV.

2. Balance of payments. How long can we continually have a negative balance of payments. Eventually those who give us stuff for pieces of paper promising eventual payment will stop doing that. If we send our transportation money to the electric grid folks, at least it will stay in the country.

3. Environment issues. Even if you think the man made gobal warming thing is bunk, no one can argue that too many cities have a green or brown cloud over them much of the year that could benefit from having many of our cars be EVs.

4. Quiet operation. The other day a boy on a bike ran into a hybrid car. He couldn't hear it. The fact that he was looking behind him might have contributed. EV will be very quiet, a good thing.

5. Get ahead of other countries. For once we should be a leader in doing something smart, first and best. Maybe too late though as Israel is already committed to a fleet of EVs.

6. Environmental Wackcos not allowing oil and gas development. Duh. This is the case as the Wackos have not allowed drilling or any new gasoline refineries. I do understand they are putting together a nice weekender in that marvelous vacation spot in ANWR. Yeah, right. These people are not going to change their opposition in our lifetimes. Well, mine anyway.

7. Save GM. GM is on a path to be the first big car company to mass produce an EV, the Chevy Volt. I think this could turn around GM's shrinking fortunes.

8. They're cool. Well, the Tesla sports car is anyway. It's only $130k. I'm holding out for the more modest sports car.

9. Stop paying for both sides in the War Against the Isalma-Nazis. This is a no brainer. Nuff said.

10. Less cost per mile to drive. The fuel cost, (electricity purchased at an overnight off peak period rate) is a few cents vs who knows what for gasoline, except it is many times more.

The Sermon

There are many sites on the subject of electric vehicles. Many are simply your garden variety eco-nut sites. I am not an eco-nut. I think man made global warming is the greatest hoax of the century, and all those people who won’t let us drill in ANWAR should go spend this weekend up there. It’s a damn moonscape and what wildlife that is there would probably benefit from drill crews in the area using less space than JFK airport. But I digress. We need to have a substantial portion of our car fleet convert to plug in electric. Why? I give ten reasons but I think the two most important are the cost benefit of driving electric and the consequent end to financing both sides of the war against the Islama-Nazis.

The cost of driving an electric 25 miles according to one site is $.40 while gasoline powered car might take say $3.50 for the gallon it would take. This savings is doubly beneficial because the money for electricity would go to an American power company, not Opec. This savings would also go far to adjust the balance of payments imbalance which kills the value of the dollar and further causes the cost of gas to go up. As it stands, a portion money flowing into the coffers at Ridya, Saudi Arabia finds its way into the hands of the Islamic jihadists who want to murder their way to world domination. Enough already.

So what should we do? First we have to wait until a major company or two offer an electric car that the market will accept. And we have to accept the fact that Americans and America is built on the concept of most of the citizens driving where they need to, when they need to. When that happens, the government should make the conversion of a substantial portion of the car fleet happen with tax credits for buying electric. Let go electric!